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New Ashtanga Yoga Class starts September 5th

at the Body Rescue Wellbeing Centre in Chartridge.

Robbie has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 21 years. Now, a well established personal trainer, Robbie had a previous career as a professional footballer, plying his trade in the UK, Denmark, and the Faroe Islands. After completing a degree in sports science, from Liverpool hope university, and having trained with some of the best endurance and fitness coaches in the country and having a real passion for fitness- a career in the fitness industry was an obvious decision for him.

With his experience and wide spectrum of knowledge, Robbie has a unique and successful way of leading his clients to a fit and healthy lifestyle.


Robbies clients lose weight, tone up and get the bodies and fitness of their dreams.

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Robbie Wood

ABOUT ROBBIE (personal trainner and MIIT training)