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New Ashtanga Yoga Class starts September 5th

at the Body Rescue Wellbeing Centre in Chartridge.

‘I started training with Christianne to try and shift the last bit of post-baby ‘bulge’.  By doing the exercises and following a very simple healthy eating plan I lost over a stone in 10 weeks, making me slightly lighter than I was before I got pregnant! That was in March, the weight has stayed off, plus I feel a lot happier and more energised.  I can heartily recommend Christianne as a trainer, you’ll work hard but it’s also fun and it gets results without having to radically change your lifestyle. ‘

Madeleine Long







When I started training with Christianne I had no real idea of the magnitude of the change I was beginning. I went with the hope of losing some weight and having more energy. I didn't know how well it would work or even if it would work. Like many people, I'd just lost all motivation to try to lose weight and get fit. I'd tried gyms and diets but nothing seemed to work. There was always an excuse to avoid trying to eat better or exercise. And I was just getting fatter and more tired. With work becoming increasingly challenging, I reached a point where I felt I needed to have a big push (I think in my mind it might have been a last big push) to try to do something to improve my health. I thought this time, I'd try a personal trainer. Good decision.


I emailed 12 trainers and Christianne responded within 24 hours with a very compelling proposition of a diet and workout regime in a secluded environment that to a self conscious person like me seemed like a real benefit.


Between May and September of 2011 Christianne transformed my view of exercise, diet and what was possible. I lost 3 stone and 10 inches off my waste. I had to throw away almost all my clothes, but that was such a positive, cathartic change. I've found I get complements on how good I look. Who knew my male friends were so aware of these things?!


I'd thought I'd have trouble finding the time to exercise, but miraculously, in taking time to workout, my work got better as my mental acuity improved as a result of the fitness. I became more effective, less tense, more emotionally grounded and more effective in all aspects of my life.













Signing on with Christianne has had a profound impact for me.  She has helped me to change lifelong eating habits and the way I see myself. I now have an easily sustainable healthy diet that I really enjoy and shifts the pounds in a steady way.  I am now lighter that I was when I got married nearly 20 years ago and have every confidence that I can achieve a physique that previously seemed completely impossible.


Christianne's method is particularly effective because she takes time to understand your circumstances, she also investigates mind set and motivation issues that could derail any progress.  In my case I'm a busy, single working mother of 3 which can be overwhelming.  Christianne doesn't make me feel bad if I have gone slightly off track with exercise due to this - she just helps me to work out what will work and methods to keep me motivated.  


I particularly enjoy the variety of exercises that we do and always leave feeling uplifted and motivated.


I have now lost over 3 stone and am continuing to get fitter and leaner.

Nicola Atuyana











From the moment I met Christianne, I knew that I had met someone with a different approach to fitness and body rescue.  


Finally, somebody understood me and my aims, and equally important for me, Christianne understood the fears and insecurities that I had built into myself with respect to the whole gym and fitness regime.  The very same regime where, according to society, we are lesser mortals for not driving ourselves to a sweating, quivering mass if we don't partake thereof.  


For years I had eaten healthily; cooking low fat, low carb meals at home from scratch.  I didn't want to change too much there and with Christianne's no nonsense approach to a simple to follow detox diet, I

didn't have to change very much at all.   That was the easy part.  


Now I had to visualise the new me that we were going to create.  (Yes "we", because Christianne exercises with you - how very unique for a personal trainer I thought!) Recalling an image of the flat stomached me of yesteryear wasn't hard, believing that I could be that person again could have been hard, indeed, should have been hard but for Christianne's "no negativity" mantra.  For each bad thing I had to say about my appearance (and there were many), Christianne found even more good things to say.  


Mind over matter?.....  Well maybe, but encouragement is sewn into the very seams of the Body Rescue facilities, the surroundings of which which lull and calm you into a peaceful state of well-being.  


Within just one week, the results of my detox diet combined with just a couple of hours of exercise spread over 7 days, were showing.  I revelled in my new upright posture, walking taller alone seemed to lose inches from my frame.  Oh, just a moment!  Did I use the scary "exercise" word - I snuck that one in there didn't I?  Well, forget scary, scary doesn't exist at Body Rescue.  Hard, punishing and gruelling don't exist either.  I'm sure they do if you want them to, but that was never going to work for me.


Instead, Christianne designed a slow, stamina-building carefully structured, circuit style routine for my hour in the gym with her.  My "at home" routine was devised of an easy warm-up with a few pilates exercises to follow for just 15 minutes a day.   I could make my healthy dinners whilst working out, it was that easy.


We set goals together Christianne and I.  I met them, of course I did, they were realistic and achievable.  We set new goals, I met them too, because I now had the bug.  Seeing really is believing and I 'saw' every day in the mirror.  Part of my incentive was seeing the huge smile on Christianne's face each week when I turned up for my training session; clearly lighter, clearly more toned and clearly HAPPIER!  My self-confidence was returning, I was lighter in step and brighter in outlook and all because Christianne had helped me to see, to visualise the possibilities open to me from the outset.


After just 12 weeks with Christianne, I lost 25lb, 8% off of my total body fat and a total of 13 inches.  My only regret is that I didn't go to see Christianne sooner, I could have binned years of negativity and just got on with living.


Janina Diggins

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‘Christianne's combination of weights, cross training and yoga worked really well to keep everything varied, building up core strengths but also developing overall fitness.


By September I was thinking about having a goal to see just how far this new found health could take me. And I agreed to enter a triathlon. Which for the old me is nothing short of miraculous. But such is the confidence that my new found form has given me. I feel I understand enough about exercise and diet to keep on developing my fitness and be able to participate in physical activities without fear of coming in a very poor last.


The experience has been nothing short of life changing.

Paul Field MD